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Please let your colleagues know what's new for you! Write the following information down and send it to the Editor.

1. Name, Degree, Profession. (Example:Colleen Eggertson, M.Ed., Chartered Psychologist).

2. Address. At the least, City and Province.

3. Phone #, Fax #, e-mail address. (These will not be published unless requested but will allow the Editor to ask for clarification of your item if necessary).

4. The item: new membership, upgrade of membership, retirement, opening of a private practice, upcoming book or article or workshop, new job, move, position in another professional organization, births, deaths, etc.

5. Specific wording if you wish. Keep it short, maximum three lines.

Please send to:

Colleen Eggertson
Editor, The CGPA Chronicle
615 Queen Charlotte Drive SE
Calgary, ABT2J 4T4
Ph.(403) 225-1086.E-mail:

Fax: (403) 234-9190 (Address Faxes only to: Rick Gray, Panther/Schlumberger, for Colleen). It is best to let me know by other means if a fax is coming so that I can make sure my husband picks it up at his office.

Contributions to the Chronicle are always welcome and may be sent to:
Colleen Eggertson
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