Fall Workshop

Sept. 21,2001

Roy McKenzie, M.D., "Group Therapy and Behaviour Change"
Contact: Terry Simonik (905) 886-4578

Our Tea and Training Winter Session welcomed Patti McGillicuddy, M.S.W., who presented key concepts working with trauma, outlinging the stages and types of trauma. Three stages outlined were "acute, recoil, and intergration" with interesting interventions suggested for each.


Training Program

The Manitoba Section is creating a comprehensive group therapy training program. Module #1 will begin in September 2001. It consists of a 60 hour intensive didactic series entitled, "An Overview of Group Therapy: Theory and Practice." Topics covered include: theory and history of group therapy, stages of group development, therapist roles and tasks, types of groups, practical considerations in designing groups, ethical issues, group process and dynamics, personal issues for the therapist, and research in group therapy.
For further information: contact Dorothy Strang (204) 787-3296 or Joan Dianne Smith (204) 958-9612.


June 4, 2001
Dr. Molyn Leszcz, "Group Psychotherapy with the Medically Ill,"
Contact: Pamela McDougall, (403) 220-3988


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